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Film Forward- The American Society of Cinematographers

We could not be more thrilled to receive recognition for our contribution in keeping film viable as a creative tool for modern production by being included in the May issue of American Cinematographer Magazine.  In Part 1 of a series in the magazine, FILM FORWARD,  an article written by David E. Williams, (web director and Associate Publisher), he discusses the use of Super 8 and 16mm film formats in professional projects, and highlights several of the productions Pro8mm recently worked on with some ASC Cinematographers. 

This interview by Williams with Pro8mm’s Philip Vigeant who along with Rhonda are Associate ASC Members, captures the artistry of productions shot on super 8 and 16 film that continues to stand the test of time and the future of film.  In the article, Pro8mm President Phil Vigeant is quoted “If I had a nickel for every time I was told film is going to disappear, I’d be a rich guy.”  The article discusses Pro8mm’s contributions including the introduction of Super 8 color negative film, camera restoration, Max 8 and reintroducing double super 8 film to the market.


Read the full article here:

Film Forward- The American Society of Cinematographers