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If you have been following the recent music videos of Cold Play the release of the visually stunning Up & Up in June with some of the most amazing visual effects I’ve ever seen, you will be awed by the organic, dreamy , analog contrast of the latest video which is the title track A Head Full Of Dreams . Chris Martin and the other band members are hitting the street on their bicycles in Mexico City giving spectators a ride of their lives!

Coldplay on bicycles

Directed by long time Pro8mm client James Marcus Haney, (who also directed Birds earlier this year for Cold Play) and shot by DP Esteban Robles shooting with a Canon 514, which we rebuild here at Pro8mm as the Rhonda Cam Deluxe on a remote control car racing through the streets capturing the bands escapades.

Picture taken with a Super 8 Camera

Shot with a Canon 514 Super 8 Camera, which Pro8mm rebuilds as a Rhonda Cam Deluxe

Cold Play Fills The stadium in Mexico City

Cold Play Fills The stadium in Mexico City

The visuals see Coldplay cycling through the streets of Mexico City, smiling at passersby and taking in the sights along the way. Coldplay eventually end up at the local Foro Sol venue, where they give the enormous crowd of fans a show they’ll never forget. The video, like the band’s concerts, features footage from Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 film The Great Dictator


Pro8mm provided the film, processing and scanning for this video. The Super 8 format was the perfect choice

The piece was shot on a number of film stocks, including some Fuji Film that we cut down from 35mm to make into Super 8 and Kodak Super 8 film.


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