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6.5K Scanner Upgrade Installed and Ready to Go!

Pro8mm has taken the next step and upgraded our “ Scanner #1”  to 6.5K resolution output. This new technology replaces our 5K system with the latest in digital capture.  It produces a cleaner output with better extreme shadow and highlight detail as well as  additional resolution.  Scans are now available in five new 6.5 configurations including  traditional 4:3  (Full Aperture ) ; 16:9 Television; DCI Theatrical; and two new formats that maximize the digital space for Super 16 and Max8. 

These include:
6.5K Full Aperture (4:3) 6464 X 4848 

6.5K Ultimate (16X9)     6464 X 3636 

6.5K Ultimate DCI         6464 X 3408

6.5K Ultimate Super16 6464 X 3848

6.5K Ultimate Max8      6464 X 4091 

These formats are available in a variety of codecs including Pro Res 422, 444 (including the new XQ), DPX in both 10 BIT and 16 BIT,  color and black and white  and TIFF.  For custom formats and codec’s please inquire. Fill out an Online Digital Mastering Form to make your selections!  818-848-5522