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2014 Super 8 Film Stock Options and HD scanning


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October 2013 Newsletter

New 2014 Film Stocks and Camera Rental Packages
2014 is almost here, and we have a new line up of 9 different Super 8 stocks made from original materials provided by 4 different companies; Kodak, Fuji, Orwo and Agfa. Super 8 film stocks are the first step in achieving a unique look for a film project.
Here are some quick samples for basic reference that show how a variety of Super 8 film materials might look. There are two methods used for shooting & scanning. This demo shows how shooting and scanning methods can impact the look of the film. There are also samples of super 8 used under available
light for none commercial use and Super 8 film properly lit for production.
Remember, Pro8mm has tons of FREE content available at and whenever you are trying to decide what look to achive with your Super 8 film.
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New! Black and White Film Stock – Super 8/69 with Processing
We have a new Black and White reversal film in stock available as of this month, Super 8/69. Made by Orwo, this is a 100 ASA stock. Price includes special processing. $45 /roll Click for a demo! 
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Rhonda Cam Party Rental Package
Lets make it a party! Need more than 1 Super 8 Camera? With our new Rhonda CAM party rental package shooting Super 8 is 4 times the fun. Rhonda CAM’s are the perfect point-and-shoot Super 8 camera for Super 8 beginners. Just add film and filmmaker! $200 / day.  Click for details
Pro814 Party Rental Package
For the more sophisticated project, we are also rolling out the Pro814 Party Rental Package, which includes 4 of the best Super 8 Film cameras on the market! The Pro814 Super 8 camera is a workhorse. It has auto & manual exposure and shooting at 24fps. Its a perfect match for production rentals that need multiple cameras.
$ 400 / day. Click for details 
Now Encoding Hi-8mm Tapes to PAL
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Mike encoding a customers PAL Hi-8mm tapes to digital files
Hi-8mm PAL tapes have just been added to our video tape encoding suite, among several other PAL formats such as VHS PAL, BETA SP PAL, and Digi- Beta PAL. You no longer need a separate deck to watch your old PAL materials! Encode them to digital file formats such as ProRes to work in your NTSC world. For more video tape to file encoding options, visit
Big Discounts on Home Movie Transfers for the Holidays!

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Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner? With film productions taking a break for the holidays, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to get your home movies transferred on industry professional film technology at a BIG discount! We have several options this holiday season including HD files to ProRes, SD transers to DVD, Free Hard Drives and more! Click the PDF below for details visit

Click to watch our home movies: Plymouth Rock 1960
Here are some additional home movie links we thought you might enjoy:
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A growing community of Analog Supporters around the Globe: Welcome New Super 8 Film Kit Suppliers!
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The Super 8 Film Kit is now available at several more unique film business and retail stores around the country. These businesses advocate film products and help build a local and global community of analog film enthusiasts.

27 Notch: Camera Rentals and Production Services

27 Notch is a boutique camera rental house located on the Sunset Gower Studios Lot! They are big supporters of the Super 8 Film format and are offering the Super 8 Film Kits at their rental house on the lot. 
The Texas Theatre
Honored as the best movie theater 2012-2013 by D Magazine and 2011-2012 by the Dallas Observer, The Texas Theatre Group is a one-of-a-kind historic venue that opened in 1931. Today its owned by filmmaker and film industry consultants who bring new cinema and event operations to the theatre. As film advocates, The Super 8 Film Kit is available in their lobby during hours of operation.

Midwest Photo Exchange

Columbus, OH
Midwest Photo Exchange is the premier photo and video supply store in their region. They carry a massive selection of new and used gear at better-than-online prices, and offer photography classes for those looking to advance their own photographic skills and know-how. Specializing in lighting, we are the exclusive U.S dealer of LumoPro lighting productions, including the LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Flash, and continue to support the Strobist community.  
We also had a great article written by Freestyle Photography Supplies in their monthly newsletter.

Need to buy film on Saturdays?
Several of our new dealers are open on Saturdays! Check out the full list at This is a great option if you need last minute film on the weekend. You can always upgrade your Super 8 Film Kit roll to Pro8mm’s additional transfer options.

Holiday in the Park:
A family fun event for Los Angeles residence with outside Home Movie Screening
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Holiday in the Park Celebration & Open House is the most popular Christmas and holiday season event held annually in Burbank, CA. Pro8mm will be screening holiday home movies during the event from 5pm – 9pm outside Mindfulnest. If you think you have home movies of Burbank, Holiday in the Park, or Los Angeles in general, please contact us to be a part of our screening! For more details visit:
Durango & Silverton 2013 by David Dibble
The cinematography in this piece shot by David Dibble is one of a kind. David captured some amazing shots on the Pro8/22 64D with a Max1014xls Super 8 Camera during his recent trip to Colorado.
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Minnesota Fall by Alex Horner
Alex Horner left the modern gear at home to give film a shot this fall. He captured some spectacular home movie images of nothern Minnesota on a camping trip. Alex used Super 8/85 100D and Pro8/46 Fuji 250D stocks. He shot with a Canon 814 Super 8 Camera. Just beautiful work! For those of us in California – enjoy a little bit of fall.

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Summer Song by Sahand Nayebaziz 
We were so inspired to see such a young group of guys in our office this month, ready to shoot on Super 8 for the first time!
We caught up with the guys about what they thought about using Super 8 film for the first time. Filmmaker Sahand Nayebaziz says, “Early on when we were planning to make a music video for Kyle’s song, we knew we wanted our images to play like memories. You know, girls jumping into the lake while the guys are on the docks watching them.  One of the kids I look up to most is Riley Blakeway, this filmmaker out of Australia who shoots a lot of Super 8 and 16mm. I’d watched his surf films and felt the way Super 8 plays on screen cut up between digital footage, and I knew I wanted that for summer song. Super 8 has this ability to convey place and time with such profound simplicity. I was stoked on everything I saw as soon it all came back from your lab. The tones and the grain sent me to the moon. The rest of the video was all shot digital on a Canon, yeah, but my favorite shots are everything in Super 8. It’s evocative and gets out of the way. All you see is whatever I was filming. Using the format was the most fun I’ve had filming anything to date, and all I had to do was let go, think less, and shoot. I can’t do that with digital.” – Sahand Nayebaziz, Filmmaker
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Do Si Do in The Sky: The Adventures of the US Army Helicopter Square Dance Team
Directed by Cameron Tucker. Do-Si-Do in the Sky follows the adventures of the US Army Helicopter Square Dance Team as they toured national air shows across the United States during the 1950’s. Filling an important gap in Army aviation history, it’s something not only history buffs will enjoy but will appeal to every generation of viewers!
We are very proud of our clients who directed the film, which has already won several short film festivals. They are in the final countdown of their fundraiser to finalize the documentary. 
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