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Saturday, October 15th   12 – 4 pm, Valencia Public Library Community Room

Bring-your-own-film event puts the spotlight on historic amateur works and

home movies shot on 8mm, super8mm and 16mm film.

We invite the public to join expert archivists that work in the entertainment industry in celebrating the 14th annual International Home Movie Day on Saturday, October 15 from 12 – 4 at the Valencia Public Library.   We are excited that Home Movie Day returns to the Santa Clarita Valley with a renewed focus on local “home grown history”. Home movies are the most organic form of physical evidence we have about how we lived, our families, lives and traditions.

Previous SCV Home Movie Days revealed amazing footage of our Valley prior to suburban sprawl. Home Movies are a time machine that captured personal close up looks of how we lived, the landscape and architecture, our community events and celebrations from the past.

 If you are lucky enough to have home movies shot on film between 1932 and 1985 here is an opportunity to learn the best way to preserve the originals for future generations and to bring them into your digital life for sharing.

#HomeMovieDay2016 Santa Clarita, CA

Home Movie Day is free and open to the public. It’s a great event for families! Door prizes will include a chance to win a free digital scan of your home movies from Pro8mm. Included with the screening is a “film clinic” for assessing the condition of older films, information about how to care for family films and videos, and—best of all—continuous screenings of home movies brought by participants! All Home Movie Day participants are encouraged to bring one or more reels of 8mm, Super8, or 16mm home movies of any vintage to the event. All films will be inspected and projected on a first-come, first-served basis. Damaged films will not be screened, but preservation specialists will offer expert advice on caring for at-risk materials.

No films of your own? Just come and watch the show!

The Santa Clarita Event is being hosted by SCV residents Rhonda and Phil Vigeant, owners of Pro8mm in Burbank CA. Rhonda is author of the book “GET REEL ABOUT YOUR HOME MOVIE LEGACY BEFORE it’s TOO LATE!” and is a regular participant of the SCV Local Authors Event. Her podcast THE HOME MOVIE LEGACY PROJECT is filled with advice, tips and amazing stories of what has been discovered on family reels. Phil has scanned millions of feet of archival footage for the entertainment industry, documentaries and major motion pictures, including the personal archives of many of the world’s most famous faces. His knowledge about scanning options for film will be a wealth of knowledge for the attendees.

Home Movie Day began in 2003, when a small group of film archivists decided to go beyond traditional preservation methods to try and save the countless reels of home movies shot on film during the 20th century. The first Home Movie Day on August 16, 2003 was an unexpected success, with over two dozen cities in four countries participating. Home movies on 8mm, Super8, and 16mm film offer a unique “you are here” view of decades past, often in gorgeous living color, and are an important part of personal, community, and cultural history.

This annual event sponsored by The Center For Home Movies holds events worldwide during the fall.

For more info on Home Movie Day’s local venues worldwide go to ( a 501-C3)

For more information on the SCV event or preserving your family archive email

Don’t throw your films away—take them to Home Movie Day! 

Event Details:

Home Movie Day

October 15th 12-4pm

Valencia Public Library Community Room

23743 Valencia Blvd., Valencia CA


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