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The Analog Re-Evolution: Say ‘Hello’ to a New Color Reversal Super 8 Film SUPER 8-88


Vinyl record sales are the highest they have been in 15 years. Polaroid Impossible film is a global phenomenon, now being offered in major retail stores such as Target. What’s next for this analog Re-Evolution?  Super 8 Film!

A new color reversal film stock is back on the market to meet demand for an alternative analog experience.

So what is the new Super 8/88? Super 8/88 is a 200 ASA color reversal film stock. Because reversal is a positive image, it can be projected on a traditional film projector, which is something today’s modern professional color negative film stocks cannot do.  It is a medium speed daylight film, best suited for shooting outdoors. It has a distinctive grain structure, giving that “traditional super 8 film look” that we all know and love.

The film is loaded into Super 8 cartridges and notched at Pro8mm’s facility in Burbank, CA. It costs $45 per roll, which includes the film and traditional E-6 processing also done at our headquarters in Burbank, CA.

Processed filmed comes back on an archival safe reel for use with a traditional film projector. Super8/88 can also be digitally scanned so you can easily use it with your home computer. When film is scanned you get a digital file suited for uploading to the internet, editing with home computer editing software, sharing on social media and more.

Click here to see the first test footage:

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