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Super 8 Film Scanning up to 5K Now Available From Pro8mm

Super 8 Film Scanning up to 5K Now Available From Pro8mm

Pro8mm has expanded its film to digital transfer services to now include data scanning of 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm motion picture film. This expansion follows the progression in the motion picture industry from traditional telecine with color correction to data scanning which gets all the information from the film onto digital. Data scanning gives the filmmaker more creative control in post production.  Unlike traditional color correction that  was being done native off the scanner by a colorist, often with a 3:1 film to tramsfer ratio ( meaning that 10 minutes of film for example would take 30 minutes to color correct) ,  log scanning can be color corrected in the post process., as part of the editing phase of the project.  As a result, the cost of having film scanned log is much less expensive. Log scanning is done is real time, and the cost for  Pro8mm to do the work is calculated by the foot, not by the labor hour.

For small format film such as Super 8 4K or 5K log scanning  is not so much about improved resolution of the image but it is a dramatic improvement in how the structure of film is seen on digital. The grain structure of the film when transferred to larger digital files such as 4K, results in a true revelation of what the film really looks like.

Data Scanning is typically done log  for negative film  and  low contrast for reversal film to insure all the shadow and highlight detail is preserved. We are also offering processed scanning for specific application such as our Magenta Magic best light that does an amazing job with magenta faded prints. Scanning can be done with sync audio such as super 8 magnetic sound in mono and stereo and 16 & 35mm optical sound. There is also an option to scan selects using Key Code.

Data Scanning can be done framed or over scanned. The film can be framed to fit the digital or vice versa. We can also over scan the film out to the edge of the physical film in what we call a Full Format Over scan or just a normal over scan where the scan is made slightly beyond the frame borders so you know everything is recorded.

Scanning output can be made to file such as Prores in 422 or 4444 or uncompressed file like DPX. and multiple formats  with different specification can be created directly from a single scan.  File sizes can be set for standard configurations such as 2K Cinema, 2K Full Aperture, 4K UHD, 4K Cinema, 4K Full Aperture or any specific dimension requested.

For more info on Motion Picture film scanning, check out our demo’s 2k&4K log, 4K and Magenta Magic at  818 848 5522



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