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September News from Pro8mm

September News from Pro8mm

This summer just FLEW and we hope that you had a wonderful one with the chance to move around a bit more enjoying the outdoors, family and friends.

For many of us, September is when we take stock of our “to do” list before the end of the year. We always feel that once you have had that first pumpkin spice latte, it’s soon time to start thinking about the holiday season and what you wanted to accomplish before New Years Eve!

Here is a little blog that might help you with your filmmaking to do list!

When Filmmaking Accessories are Necessaries

It’s from the 50 years experience we have had working with Super 8 and 16mm filmmakers that we see time and time again how common problems with the cameras and even artifacts on the film can be avoided by following these simple steps to properly outfit your movie camera. These are not camera accessories, but NECESSARIES! Read blog here

HOLD IT!! Phone System Upgrade Coming Soon!

About every 6 months we update our ON HOLD MESSAGE, so when you call the store during regular business hours if you are holding to speak to a team member, we have great company info about our work flow for you to listen to. We have noticed an influx in heavy call volume over the past year, and we appreciate your patience if you have called and were not able to reach a team member on your first try. We are working to improve your customer experience so you can get the info you need fast. In the mean time, we hope many of your question can be answered by the recording we have created that address the most commonly asked questions.

We like this latest version so much we thought we would share it here.

Fall is the time for Home Movie Day and Save Your Photos Month

These two great events have gone virtual the past two years. Now in its’ 19th year, Home Movie Day is celebrated world wide, officially this year the 16th of October. You can find an event near you at the As long time supporters of this event, Pro8mm is donating the scanning for the virtual screening for Los Angeles for the second year in a row. It will be from 5-8 PM, October 16. You can find full information and how to log on here!

Save Your Photos Month is an event we support put on by the Photo Managers. Pro8mm as a company is committed to the preservation of media, and many of our clients have questions about how to take care of photos and slides along with their home movies. For over 10 years we have collaborated with this organization as educators and in film scanning.

During September you can watch over 40 free mini classes throughout the month. This is a worldwide effort to organize family memories, keep them safe and share them

Haleh is a photo manager here in Los Angeles that we connected with though THE PHOTO MANAGERS organization and has become a wonderful client of ours who had us scan her clients home movies. She then edits and adds their personal stories. Her company, Picturli, focuses on boutique story telling. She asked if she could write about her experience, which we are happy to share with you! 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Home Movies After They're Digitized

Meet Our Archival Collections Specialist, Deanndra!

Now in her 3rd year with Pro8mm, Deanndra works with our clients who are scanning their archival material.

Deanndra says, "No matter if you're a hobbyist, someone that's found home movies in their attic, or a professional documentarian, all of the archival film that we receive gets treated with the utmost care! As the archival coordinator, I see archives of varying sizes. Anywhere from a few rolls to over 100 reels. Every reel gets logged by film type so that all of the same film types can get prepped and cleaned together. We can even organize the film in specific sequences and create MetaData for clients' organization. After this, the film is passed off to our Prepper who preps and cleans all of the film before we do any type of scanning.

What I like most about working with archival scanning is the joy that it brings people. Some clients will tell me they haven't seen a family member in many years and that they're excited to see this film come to life.

Tips for clients: Start thinking of your end goal for the archive, so that when the film is dropped off or shipped in, if you don't know exactly what you're looking for in terms of scanning specs, we'll have a place to start!

🌟Filmmaker Spotlight 🌟

Justin Bieber. Super 8. Malibu Beach. and the talented @TaylorCutFilms; boy do we love this one! ESSENCE, new music video for Justin Bieber; shot on an Arri Alexa + Super 8 Film. 🎬🎞 @justinbieber x @wizkidayo x @temsbaby Directed with @nickdemoura.

Liza Voloshin, the incredibly talented filmmaker who brought you Katy Perry’s Daisies last year, does it again! And check out the cute framing!
@globaliza @lizavoloshinfilm
Virgo on Film| Birthday girl @shionat for
Film development and scan by @pro8mm
Goddess look by @alanawrightmakeup

Beautiful 16mm work from Ambar Navarro, Director + Curator for the SadGirl- Goodbye Queenie Official Music Video.
Weddings! So many great Super 8 weddings this summer that have come through our doors! Here are some of our favorites!

Gold HairPin Films | Keera, Wedding Videographer- Kansas City

Gather Films | Carli Call, Reno Nevada

The Arroyos | Josh & Sam, Hawaii Wedding Photo + Video

We always love a good fashion spot! With Jean, ‘Sensation’ Drop 2 has landed. Shop the full collection online now

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