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And the winner is…….Super 8 Film!

ARGO wins "Best Picture"

As we watched our long time customer Ben Affleck  accept his Academy Award for Argo in the Best Picture Category, we felt a pang of pride – like the way a parent feels when one of their kids accomplishes something really big and important that elevates them to even a more seasoned level of greatness.  Maybe it is because we have seen Ben not only grow up in the film industry through his acting and directing on many a project, but more specifically grow up in a film industry where Super 8 film was the tool in his toolbox that he and brother Casey turned to in launching their careers. A tool Ben still uses today, including forscenes in Argo.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at 1997 Oscars

We remember as kids, they would come into Super8 Sound in Cambridge, MA  (our former company and location) to buy their film, get it processed and share their aspirations about making it in Hollywood. And as those aspirations have become a reality, and we have seen how artfully Ben uses Super 8 film in his work, such as in the storming of the Embassy scenes in Argo, and in many other projects, personal and for the industry including Armageddon.

Award Season in general and the Oscars in particular give us the opportunity to reflect about how our company has had a profound impact on Hollywood productions.  That our research and development for super 8 camera modifications, films stocks and HD scanning are honored within our industry, and we joyfully remind ourselves that this is why we do what we do.  So when someone wants to use Super 8 film in a Hollywood blockbuster, the tools are there.  The technology is there.

Super 8 Products

While the use of film has been declining in recent years causing a tailspin in the industry it is our belief that no digital plug in can do (or imitate a specific look) what you can do on real film, especially real small gauge film.  In fact Super 8 has been in t he decline from what in once was for over 35 years.  Yet, there it is again.  Front in center in the best film of the year.

The winner is Super 8 film!

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