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Zoom Super 8 Camera Diagnostics Canon Cameras (Per Labor Hour - 1 Hour Minimum)

Super 8 Camera Diagnostics Canon Cameras (Per Labor Hour - 1 Hour Minimum)


Wondering if your Canon Super 8 camera is in proper working condition? Send it in to Pro8mm, the world experts in service on select Canon Super 8 cameras and lens!  We have over 40 years of extensive parts & knowledge. Our engineering R&D team can diagnose all the major functions of your camera to confirm its in working condition before your next big project.

Additional Repair Details

$150 includes a one-hour evaluation and analysis of the cameras capacity to work. We will check and perform diagnostics of the 3 major functions of a working camera- Does it run? Does it focus? Does it transport film?

Once the diagnostics are performed, you will be given the following options:

1) The camera is functional, meaning it works! Many cameras have lens mold or slight inconsistencies in exposure. This will not stop you from getting images.  Many times simple minor repairs to battery contacts lubrication or basic cleaning can get a camera back on its feet.  In this state we call it functioning. 

2) The camera needs repairs to function. You will be provided with a list of what services would be required, and the prices / hours to complete such services. Typically this consists of lens collimation, meter calibration, and other mechanical repairs. Cosmetically, the camera would remain as is(scratches, dents, etc.) Repair services are billed at $150 per hour and will only be done after your approval of the written estimate, they are not included in the analysis. 

3) The camera is beyond economic repair. You will be given a price for parts if you wish to sell it to Pro8mm.

Evaluations take on average 2-3 weeks. 

Diagnostics are without warranty. Any repairs are covered under our standard 90 day parts and labor warranty (excluding impact or water damage.)

Camera and lens we can repair:

Canon 814 Auto Zoom (we do not repair the Canon 814 ELECTRONIC)
Canon 514xl
Canon 310xl
RhondaCam Deluxe

We are happy to perform analysis on some other Super 8 camera models, but may not be able to complete repairs.

The Art of Super 8 Camera Repair

The Art of Super 8 Camera Repair from Phil Vigeant.

Camera Repairs FAQ

What is the Shipping Policy for Repairs?

Please carefully send your camera to us with the carrier of your choice, and a copy of your online order. Evaluations take on average 2-3 weeks. We will use the shipping on your order form to return the camera to you.

Please send your items to:

Attention: Repair Team at Pro8mm
2805 West Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA 91505

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Pro8mm has clients all over the world. Customers will be responsible for paying any applicable import duties and taxes. Charges may vary based on the contents of the order. Customers are advised to contact their local customs office for further information on current import regulations.

Can I pickup my camera once it's done being repaired?

Yes. In store pickup is available at our Burbank, CA location and may be selected during checkout. A sales team member will contact you when your order is ready for pickup.

How are Pro8mm cameras different from other Super 8 cameras?

Pro8mm’s cameras are rebuilt original Super 8 cameras. They are artfully re-crafted by our in-house team of technicians with decades of experience. We repair all aspects of the camera, including internal-structures, body, battery systems and more, so you are getting the very best camera with characteristics that surpass the original factory specifications.

What camera models can you repair?

Pro8mm works on select Beaulieu and Canon camera models. We currently repair the following models:

What type of film does a max8 camera take?

Max8 cameras can shoot with any normal super 8 cartridge. This includes both pro8 and super 8 film stocks. The modification is in the camera, not the film. The advantage of shooting on max 8 is that you get 20% more image on the frame because it utilizes the area once reserved for the audio track.

Do the cameras record sound?

Super 8 film stocks with the magnetic sound stripe are no longer manufactured and therefore it is no longer possible to record sound directly onto the film using a super 8 sound camera. However, it is possible to record sync sound on a separate audio recorder while shooting with a crystal-sync super 8 camera. The motors in these cameras are crystal-controlled to ensure consistency in the filming speed, so they remain in perfect synchronization with the sound recorder.

What if I have more questions?

If you need any additional help please see our full FAQ Page or feel free to contact us.