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Zoom Scan 35mm to Digital

Scan 35mm to Digital

$0.20 - $0.90

This product includes scanning your 35mm film to digital, onto a flash drive, hard drive or digital upload. Drives or upload not included in the scan price - options and prices available at checkout. Film will come back on a reel. Digital file will come back on a hard drive, flash drive or digital upload.

Film will be prepped and cleaned by hand. New leader will be added, and old leader will be removed. If you need us to save your leader, please let us know in the special instructions at checkout. Some reels may be prepared together, please label if you would like them in a specific order. All film is scanned onsite.

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Sprocket's Scanning Package Options

Choosing a scanning workflow is important because different workflows have different capabilities for how you want to see and use your film.

Pro8mm offers 4 unique scanning workflows so that clients can have the maximum flexibility in terms of budget, resolution and performance when using motion picture film for production or home movies.

Basic Scan:

A basic scan to a digital fle.

A Basic digital scan is best for internet or direct viewing. A universal QuickTime or windows media file. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: 720p
  • Color Timing: Best Light
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p
  • Image Frame: Framed
  • Codec: mp4

Production Scan:

A Production scan is a high quality professional scan, best for using your own post production tools for professional work or home movies. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: File Size up to 2K (2048 x 1556 or 2048 x 1080 DCI)
  • Color Timing: Best Light, Log or Rec 709 Color Corrected
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p, 23.98. 24p, or 25p
  • Image Frame: Overscan, Full Format Overscan, Framed or Matted
  • Codec: mp4, ProRes 422 or HQ, PorRes 4444

Advanced Scan:

The Advanced Scanning option is a high quality scan best for archival or theatrical film projects and using your own post production tools. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: File Size up to 4K (3840 x 2160 U-HD or 4096 x 3112 4K)
  • Color Timing: Best Light, Log or Rec 709 Color Corrected*
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p, 23.98. 24p, or 25p
  • Image Frame: Overscan, Full Format Overscan, Framed or Matted
  • Codec: mp4, ProRes 422 or HQ, PorRes 4444, DPX up to 4K

Ultimate Scan:

The Ultimate Scan uses the newest scan technology such as HDR and 6.5K for the ultimate experimentation, quality and file sizes with your film. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: File Size up to 6.5K (6464 x 4848 Full Aperature or 6464 x 3633 Ultimate and more)
  • Color Timing: HDR, Best Light, Log or Rec 709 Color Corrected*
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p, 23.98. 24p, or 25p
  • Image Frame: Overscan, Full Format Overscan, Framed or Matted
  • Codec: mp4, ProRes 422 or HQ, PorRes 4444, DPX 10 bit color or B&W, DPX 16 bit color or B&W

Scanning Your Film to Digital

Pro8mm has over 40 years of expertise in the film to digital scanning of Super 8, Regular 8, Max 8, 16mm and Super 16mm of production and archival film. One size does not fit all when it comes to scanning film. Whether it is your entire archive of home movies or 1 special 50' treasure, we apply the same workflow, quality, and integrity as if they were our own precious memories. When you master your production or home movie films at Pro8mm, you know your films are handled the way professionals handle their personal and professional media. 

When film is prepped for scan, all rolls will be prepped together onto one reel and one digital file per 400 feet. No exceptions. Individual files are available for an extra fee, under Prep & File organization options.   

Additional Scanning Details


Pro8mm can improve many old archival films that have excessive torn perfs, moldy film, extra splices, film that needs to be reversed, or fixed in any way. We do charge any extra fee for any services beyond the included normal prep and clean service. Unfortunately, we typically can not see these issues until we start prepping your film. Should we run into any issues once in prep, we will notify you before proceeding if your job needs TLC. $100 per labor hour. 

Home Movie Discounts: 

Pro8mm is proud to offer a 20% discount on all film transfers that are done unscheduled. Unscheduled transfers may take 4-8 weeks.  Select un-scheduled discount under turn-around time. This can be a great savings, especially for home movies!

Read: Why Pro8mm for Transferring Home Movies

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Film Services FAQ

What is the shipping policy for sending in my film for scanning?

It is the client's responsibility to send the film TO Pro8mm using the carrier of their choice. We recommend Fedex or UPS (with a Signature), but also accept USPS, DHL or any local mail carrier. If your order has purchased RETURN shipping, this is for us to send the film and/or hard drive back to you after the film services have been completed. Please include a copy of your order or order number in the shipment.

Can I drop off and pickup my order?

Yes. Pro8mm has a retail store in Burbank, CA where you can drop off your film, and pick it up upon completion. Please drop off with a filled our order form and provide your order number. If you need help figuring out reels and sizes, our Archival Collections project coordinator can assist you.

 A sales team member will contact you when your order is ready for pickup. Please be aware that once your job is completed, Pro8mm can only hold jobs for 30 storage days, unless a storage contract is purchased. All film unclaimed after 30 days will automatically be recycled.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Pro8mm has clients all over the world! Customers will be responsible for paying any applicable import duties and taxes. Charges may vary based on the contents of the order. Customers are advised to contact their local customs office for further information on current import regulations.

How do I get my Digital Files back?

Pro8mm has several options for file delivery including Global Access where files are emailed to you over the internet )(+$5/GB), Provide your own Drive (no additional charge), or Purchase a drive from Pro8mm. Physical film can be mailed back, picked up, or recycled. All physical film and digital files will be stored at Pro8mm 30 days free of charge. After 30 days, film will be automatically recycled. 

Where do I send my film for Scan Services?

All scans are done in-house by our dedicated team.

Our Mailing Address:

Attn: Sales Team
2805 West Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505


  • Please be sure to keep your tracking number.
  • Please put a copy of your Sprocket order number in the package with the film. 

What is the Turnaround Time?

Our standard turnaround time is approximately 5-7 business days (schedule & volume permitting.)

A 1-3 day Rush Service is available for an extra fee of $250 per film type.  Please speak to a project coordinator if you have a specific deadline.

If you vchoose the unscheduled Home Movie Legacy discount, the average turn around is 4-8 weeks.

I need more than one Film Service. Do I need to fill out a Sprocket form for each?

Yes. A Sprocket form is required for each Film Service. Unfortunately we can not combine prepaid and non-prepaid services. Also, Super 8 and 16mm clients may want different mastering and framing choices. If you are sending in multiple forms together, please let us know that you have multiple order numbers. Pro8mm's team will do their best to process and scan everything together.

What if I have more questions?

If you need any additional help please see our full FAQ Page or feel free to contact us.

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