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"I just want to thank you for the wonderful work you all do! My DP suggested filming some of my music video on Super 8, and it made all of the difference. It wouldn’t have been possible without you all. Thank you so much.” – Preston Cochran, Musician

"There are few people that have committed their life to the advancement of super 8mm film like Phil and they guys over at Pro8mm. Shooting super 8mm has never been more fun or easier. They do such a good job with their HD Scanning and it mixes so well with our HD work. We couldn’t be more thankful of their support, helping us become the filmmakers we are today!” – Bryan Coward, Filmmaker, Tampa Wonderworks Films

"Shooting with Super 8 gives you the feeling you can fly. You are so unshackled, and free. Phil and the entire crew at Pro8mm makes you feel as though you have got a partner in film. They want you to succeed as badly as you do. They’ve got the tools and know-how to make your dreams fill the screen.” – Kurt Markus, Award-Winning photographer, Independent Filmmaker for Jewel and John Mellencamp

"With all the digital formats out there, Super 8 is more relevant now than it’s ever been. Pro8mm makes it easy and fast to incorporate Super8 into any workflow.” – George Manzanilla, Action Sports and Fashion filmmaker

"Pro8mm is your first and last stop in Super 8 filmmaking. Nothing else compares to their Pro8mm stocks, technology, and service. They are cutting edge and passionate about film and are there for you every step of the way! ” – Jonathan Fung, Filmmaker, Professor, Activist

"We rely heavily on the texture and beauty of Super 8mm film for most of our advertising projects- and the film stocks, equipment and post production services offered at Pro8mm consistently meet our challenges. Scott, Kris, Phil and the entire staff at Pro8mm regularly go above and beyond for us- be it after hours, on location, or just during a routine visit for film, telecine or equipment servicing.” – Todd Saunders, Producer ROXY/Quiksilver

"Pro8mm has raised the technical bar for rock steady super 8 transfers so high, my completed project can now access screening venues that might otherwise be dismissive of the super 8 format as nothing more than an ‘amatuer’ format. ” – Ken Paul Rosenthal, Director, Crooked Beauty

"Thank you for your amazing contribution to keeping super 8mm film available in the modern filmmaking world. Your quality service and effort makes the world a better place. Keep it up!” – Tyler Davis, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

"The truth is that Phil and his vision of the super 8mm format from custom made film stocks, quality film processing and professional film transfer is the best in the biz. Ask him a question. He has an answer that validates and explains the best possible approach to your specific filmmaking vision. I can not say enough about how unique it is to meet a family run business with passion about their products and desire to make every 50′ cartridge of Super 8 become more than the image itself. Thank you Phil for being there for all of us who want super 8 film available, accessible, and affordable.” – Ethan Brostedt – Filmmaker and Editor, Super 8 Film Summit Participant

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