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Our Mission


Pro8mm has a special niche for content creators and archivists working with 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film. Resources for filmmakers worldwide continue to vanish with fewer labs, film stocks, reliable camera equipment and technical support for analog filmmaking. Traditional filmmaking programs have long been eliminated from film schools. Yet, there is a thriving community of people wanting to shoot motion picture film stock for new projects. In addition, there is a need for experts handing archival footage of historical content used in documentaries and precious family home movies that hold our legacy. These films require special care and a standard of best practices for how this material should be digitized and how to create a proper archive for the original material. Since 1972, Pro8mm (formerly Super8Sound) has served the need of filmmakers and archivists by building a community and one-stop shop of resources, elevating these traditional formats to their highest possibility in a digital world.


To raise the collective consciousness as to the archival value of shooting and preserving content created on real film while promoting the artistic and creative reasons for doing so. Pro8mm is committed to creating products and services for content creators that exceed client expectations. Services are accessible, sustainable, and educational for our community for filmmakers, families and archivists who work with super 8 and 16mm film.


Pro8mm offers a comprehensive workflow with tiered pricing for production and archival work to accommodate budget and fulfillment schedules. We have a retail store in Burbank, California staffed with highly trained expert project coordinators that can answer all client questions, be it in person, on the phone or via email. Film is sold with processing and scanning at one bundled price. All work is done on site and in house to optimize quality control. Super 8 cameras are available for purchase, rent or repair (some models). Archival material for individuals and industry are scanned on state of the art scanners, offering the client many choices for digital standard, file format, delivery format and framing.


At the heart of our core values are building personal, trusted, long-term relationships with our clients. With great integrity, we embrace the responsibility of preserving the legacy of material captured on film for future generations. With passion and commitment, we strive to encourage the use of real film, the only proven archival medium so that we will have images that are sustainable. Every frame matters, every client matters.