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Homepage Featured Content - Presidents Day

Presidents Day Special Sales Event!

We couldn't pass up one of the most popular sale weekends of the year without running a special! This Presidents week we have some amazing new product offerings to roll out to you!

We hope you will join us in the launch and pre-sale of our new Double Super 8 & Double Perf 16mm products! Like last time, we need your orders to make this first batch available! The pre-sale special event will run for 2 weeks!

Double Super 8 Now available in Color Negative 50D


We've just added DS8/03 50D Color Negative to our line of film stocks! The new DS8/03 50D is available with all Pro8mm packages, as well as DIY with 5 ways to buy! 33' with round hubs, 33' with 3/4 hubs, 100' daylight loads, 200' single strands and 400' core loads.

Click to read more about Double Super 8!

double super 8 50d packages
Double Super 8 50D DIY
Ektachrome is back, too! We have our second batch of Double Super 8 in Ektrachrome 100D available. It can be purchased in all Pro8mm packages, as well as DIY with 5 ways to buy! 33' with 3/4 hubs, 33' with square hubs, 100' daylight loads, 200' single strands and 400' core loads.
Double Super 8 Ektachrome 100D Packages 
Double Super 8 Ektachrome 100D DIY
All Double Super 8 packages (50D and Ektachrome 100D) will be delivered by April 2021.


Double Perf in 16mm 50D now available! 

Double Perf 50D
Now offering 16mm Double Perf film in 50D Color Negative! This is a new product and is available in all Pro8mm packages as 100' daylight spools and 400' core loads!

Double Perf 50D

16mm Film Kit is Now Available in Bright Sun!

The results are in on the 16mm Film Kit and clients cant say enough good things! The 16mm Film Kit is now available in Bright Sun, creating 2 great stock options for your next 16mm film project.

Using Double Perf 16mm film, the16mm Film Kit includes a daylight spool that contains approximately 33 feet of film, an extra take up reel, pre-paid mailing envelope to send your roll to the lab, chemical processing of your film, digital film scanning, and encoding to a universal computer file format. Your digital file will be emailed to you for downloading, and your original film will be mailed to you on an archival safe core for preservation.

These kits are perfect for trying 16mm or the first time, testing your camera to make sure it is working correctly, or just having fun with some 16mm film. Retails for $106.

Bright Sun Film Kit

All Double Perf 16mm Film (packages & kits) will be delivered by April 2021.

Rhonda Deluxe is Back! Now Available for Rentals!

Rhonda Deluxe Cam

Due to increased demand in Pro8mm cameras, we are brining back the Rhonda Cam Deluxe! We have only 8 cameras available that will go into our rental department. All rental cameras have been tested by our in-house team of technicians with decades of rebuild and repair experience. Rentals start at just $125 a day, with a 5% discount after 3 days!

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Order Fulfillment

Double Super 8 Ektachrome, Double Super 8 Color Negative 50D, Double Perf 16mm Color Negative packages and film kits will ship by April 2021. Your order will be part of our first batch of film coming in!

If you choose pickup, we will notify you when your order is ready; please do not show up at the store and expect your order to be ready. Orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received.

We can not adjust prices on purchases made prior to the sale. We appreciate your business!

Special Orders will end February 27th at 11:59pm PST.

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