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The Power of Super 8 Film Book

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Many emerging filmmakers spend a fortune on equipment, expensive university film programs, private classes, or over priced post-production, that often renders mediocre quality, and they still feel as if something is missing. They look at their progress as marginal compared to their financial investment, time commitment and ability to work the craft. That is the purpose of this book. You will get the inside skinny from Phil Vigeant’s expertise of running a company that has worked with industry insiders using Super 8 film for over 30 years.

The Power of Super 8 Film will guide you through the steps you should take to immediately give you the experience of shooting film on film, the way all the greats did. You will see how to get a huge bang for your filmmaking buck by using an inexpensive Super 8 camera, a 50-foot cartridge of film, chemistry and the very best in digital scanning.

Phil Vigeant is one of the industry’s foremost experts on Super 8, and his new book The Power of Super 8 Film is a must-read for anyone seeking to explore its creative possibilities. Phil’s innovations have helped keep this time-tested format alive and relevant for today’s filmmakers, and ‘The Power of Super 8 Film’ offers a wealth of information for both students and professionals.

– Stephen Pizzello – Executive Editor, American Cinematographer Magazine

With the renaissance of Super 8 and its establishment as a desirable imaging medium, the time is right for a contemporary guide to this unique format. The Power of Super 8 Film couples Phil’s encyclopedic knowledge with recent technical innovations to provide an essential guide for newcomers and seasoned users alike.

– Giles Perkins – Editor,, Super 8 Filmmaker

Super 8 continues to have a great following of creatives and a steady flow of new “converts”. Phil’s commitment to support this at the highest quality, with investment and enthusiasm, is impressive. He just transferred some of my old Super 8 films to Blu-Ray. They look superb.

– Peter Boyce – Regional Business General Manager, Eastman Kodak Company

A common anecdote among Cinematographers is how the Super 8 films they shot during their youth put them on their career paths. Today they are using Super 8 film to shoot flashbacks because small format film is an organic medium, which evokes emotional responses. Film is also the only proven archival medium. Phil Vigeant’s Book The Power of Super 8 Film belongs in every film school library.

– Bob Fisher – Cine Journalist, President, CCS Public Relations

Shooting with super 8 gives you the feeling you can fly. You are so unshackled, and free. Phil and the entire crew at Pro8mm makes you feel as though you have got a partner in film. They want you to succeed as badly as you do. They’ve got the tools and know-how to make your dreams fill the screen.

– Kurt Markus – Award Winning photographer, Independent Filmmaker for Jewel and John Mellencamp

Phil Vigeant

Phil Vigeant has centered his professional career on pushing the tiny Super 8 frame to its maximum potential. Credited with the invention of Super 8 negative film and custom 16:9 Super 8 camera modifications, his company Pro8mm has developed workflows that parallel those used in Hollywood. This created the opportunity to use the powerful tiny medium in hundreds of professional projects for television, motion pictures, music videos, commercials, independent features, documentaries and archiving of legacy footage.

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