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Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera
Zoom Pro814 Super 8 Camera

Pro814 Super 8 Camera


The Pro814 is the perfect easy to use prosumer Super 8 camera.

Cameras are made to order and may take a few weeks. Please call the office or email if you have any questions about turnaround time.

Need help choosing? Give us a call at 818-848-5522 for expert help!

Capture your next project with the Pro814 Super 8 Camera. Its manual and auto zoom, various frame rate options, and automatic exposure make it a top choice for professional filmmakers and nostalgic film enthusiasts alike. Featured in popular media and school programs, this sleek camera is ready to bring your vision to life.

Additional Camera Details

The Pro814 Camera is the Canon 814 AZ rebuilt and updated by our in-house team of technicians with decades of experience. We repair all aspects of the camera, artfully re-crafting its internal-structure and features so that you are getting the very best camera with characteristics that surpass the original specifications.

The Pro814 AZ Super 8 Camera includes the following features:

  • Optical viewfinder with micro prism for precision focusing
  • Fully automatic exposure with manual override
  • Lockable trigger handle for handheld or tripod use
  • Powers on 4 AA batteries
  • Removed internal 85 filter system for higher quality images
  • Light meter battery modification; no external light meter batteries required.
  • Collimated and aligned optics
  • Built in zoom lens (manual and auto zoom)
  • Filming speeds of 12, 18 and 24 fps
  • Internal light meter
  • Single frame from cable release
  • Reads 50-500 ASA
  • Updated video manual describing features and functions
Lens Features:
  • Canon 7.5-60mm zoom lens
  • f1.8 – f22 manually controlled aperture

Included Accessories:

  • Lens Cloth - Included
  • Metal Lens Cap - Included
  • Gate Brush - Included
  • 4 AA Batteries - Included

Product Weight: 5 pounds

Cameras come with a 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty (excluding impact and water damage.) A 2 year extended warranty can be purchased, which extends the 90 day parts and labor warranty to a full two years. Excludes impact (ie dropping the camera) or water damage. Does not cover return shipping to/from Pro8mm if you need to send you camera back while its under warranty. Extended Warranty

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