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The Power of Super 8 Film - E-Book

The Power of Super 8 Film - E-Book

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"The Power of Super 8 Film" by Phil Vigeant is now available to download! The Power of Super 8 film is a step by step guide to using the super 8 medium in modern filmmaking applications. Many emerging filmmakers spend a fortune on equipment, expensive university film programs, private filmmaking boot camps, or over priced postproduction, that often renders mediocre quality, and they still feel as if something is missing. They look at their progress as marginal compared to their financial investment, time commitment and ability to work the craft. That is the purpose of this book. You will get the inside skinny of my expertise from running a company that has worked with industry insiders for 30 years. The Power of Super 8 Film will show you why I invented products that changed the way filmmakers and the entertainment industry have used Super 8 film, emerging from a format used to shoot home movies in the 1950ís-1970ís to a professional production medium. Pro8mm workflows have been used in hundreds of commercials for your favorite brands, dozens of 35mm theatrical releases, and your favorite music videos and television shows. The Power of Super 8 Film will guide you through the steps you should take to imme nning.diately give you the experience of shooting film on film, the way all the greats did. Iím going to tell you how to get a huge bang for your filmmaking buck by using an inexpensive Super 8 camera, a 50 foot cartridge of film, chemistry and the very best in digital scanning.

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