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Pro8mm announces UK Vendor for Super 8 Film Products

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March 4, 2013

logo18 frames UK

Our London office may be gone, but our services are back in the UK! Pro8mm is proud to announce that we have teamed up with 18 Frames, a UK based Super 8 film company that will now be selling Pro8mm Super 8 film, Super 8 processing, Super 8 telecine/scanning, and all-inclusive Super 8 film packages!

While Pro8mm in Burbank, CA facility will continue to service countries all over the world, it is no mystery that shipping costs continue to increase, which often makes it costly to ship overseas. 18 Frames will offer monthly shipments to Pro8mm in the US, which will allow UK and European citizens to get their Super 8 film services done by Hollywood professionals, without the expensive freight costs.

18 frames will offer Pro8mm film stocks (inclusive of processing), Super 8 film packages which include Super 8 film, processing, prep and clean, and HD telecine, a-la-carte Super 8 film processing for color negative film stocks and reversal film stocks, as well as a-la-carte HD and SD telecine. Pro8mm digital outputs include PAL formating.

For additional questions about Pro8mm’s UK services, please contact 18 Frames, at: