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Return Film for Process & Scan with Sprocket

Process and Scan your Pre-Paid Package Film or any Super 8 or 16mm film with our brand new online ordering platform, Sprocket! Choosing your turn around time, custom processing options, mastering specifications such as framing and file size, file delivery method, shipping and more! Invoice is automatically calculated at checkout. No digital mastering form required!

  • Version 1: Return a Pre-Paid Film Package purchased from Pro8mm. Orignal Package Order # and email required. Package must have been purchased in 2020 or later. Return a Package with Sprocket
  • Version 2: Any Pro8mm, Kodak, Fuji, Orwo, Adox or Agfa Super 8 or 16mm Film that needs to be processed and / or scanned. Process & Scan with Sprocket
If you have a package that was purchased prior to 2020 or film that doesn’t need Processing, fill out the Digital Mastering Form

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