Super 8 Weddings

Super 8 WeddingsWeddings shot on Super 8 film bring that vintage look that connects you to the past, yet still maintain the timeless and fresh impression of the modern bride.

While brides of the 80's and 90's were all about being shot on video, the past 10 years have shown a huge resurgence toward creating montage wedding footage on Super 8 film. Maybe nostalgia is the driving force in this new twist. Or maybe part of the reason for this resurgence comes from the greatly expanded repertoire of film stock in the market. But with tough competition from digital choices, Super 8 wedding films today have definitely gone boutique.

Today a number of wedding filmmakers who shoot on Super 8 film are regularly featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elle, Brides Magazine, The Wedding Channel, and various wedding forums and blogs for their gorgeous, timeless work shot on Super 8 film.

There are many reasons wedding photographers and "videographers" are choosing to shoot on film vs. digital. The uniqueness of having real film adds a great artistic addition in quality that no plug-in can match. Plus, film is the only proven archival medium.

On average a good shot lasts for about 10 seconds so even on a budget, you have lots of shots to work with. Although that may sound intimidating to the hours of video that could be shot for a similar amount of money, it is almost impossible to replicate a film's unique way of capturing light therefore no plug-in or app can replicate the look of real film.

For weddings, we especially recommend the Pro8/19. This is a 500 tungsten Vision 3 stock that is so versatile. You can go from indoors to outdoors without a filter and still get clear, amazing images. For those who braved shooting weddings years ago on old film stocks like Kodachrome 40, the challenge was difficult. You would have to use an 85A filter outdoors if you were shooting the ceremony in full sun. You would then have to set up lights if the reception was indoors, and the low-lit dance floor was always a problem. Combine that with about 1 stop of latitude and you had to be pretty good with a camera to get good images. Because today's Super 8 film has greater latitude, expanded ASAs and a variety of original stocks to pick from, it is easier and more aesthetically beautiful than ever to capture amazing wedding images for future generations to enjoy.

Weddings are a great format to experiment with because they personify originality and nostalgia. This generation was raised on MTV and loves to look at their wedding more like a music video rather than hours of footage that captured every second of the day. It is the highlights we remember, and Super 8 is the perfect format to capture those special moments.

Super 8 Wedding Examples