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audio seminar Educating yourself on Super 8 film techniques and applications is an essential part of being a successful filmmaker. Pro8mm offers audio seminars on a variety of Super 8 film topics, featuring products and applications that will educate you on The Power of Super 8 Film. Topics range from basic Super 8 camera functionality to in-depth discussions on what personifies the Super 8 lifestyle. The audio files can be downloaded as .mp3 files into your media library to listen to at home, in your car, or on the go. Hosted by Pro8mm president and Super 8 expert Phil Vigeant, our audio seminars feature guest speakers who are experts at their craft and exemplify the Super 8 lifestyle. The sessions are 1 hour with live questions from our previously recorded teleseminars.

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Join our Weekly Radio Show, The Home Movie Legacy Project!

radio showJoin us LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM PST (6PM CST/7PM EST) for The Home Movie Legacy Project on the RockStar Radio Network!

If you are the family historian passionate about preserving and sharing family films and stories, a filmmaker wanting to make an independent film or use legacy or found footage in a documentary, a genealogy buff, memory keeper, or archivist, this show is for you!

Shows will focus on compelling interviews with people who are sharing their personal story using home movies from the past and the present, sharing what was discovered, what was challenged or what was confirmed. Other shows will feature technical content with guest speakers that will teach you how to best move your analog media into your digital life, including how to organize it, repurpose it, share it on social media, or monetize it for a wider audience.  

A filmmaker forum segment featuring Phil Vigeant, President of Pro8mm, and author of The Power of Super8 Film: Insider
Secrets Every Filmmaker Should Know
, (Rhonda’s business partner, husband and tech guru) will be routinely included to help you learn what the entertainment industry does with their digital assets, tips on how to become head of your own personal studio, and why filmmakers can and should continue to shoot on film in a digital world. Home Movie Legacy isn’t just about grandpa’s old home movies. The term is all-inclusive and casts a wide net on the past, present and future independent filmmaking.

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