Super 8 in the Entertainment Industry

Super 8 in the Entertainment IndustryThe Super 8 format has been a gateway to some of the most prolific careers in filmmaking. Directors such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Oliver Stone, Sam Raimi, Tim Burton, Francis Ford Coppola, and Ron Howard, among others have all launched careers that have roots in Super 8 film. As kids, they picked up the family Super 8 camera and saw it as much more than a tool to make home movies. They used Super 8 as a production tool to experiment with a craft.

Many professionals in the entertainment industry choose Super 8 in major 35mm blockbusters. In fact, Pro8mm works on over 1,000 professional jobs every year. The most common sequences are typically to create flashback scenes, portray home movie moments, or represent a unique moment within the main story. For example, in the 1997 movie Selena starring Jennifer Lopez, the director used Super 8 to create Selena's fashion show sequence, to differentiate the sequence from the main story line. Armageddon with Ben Affleck is another great example. The director used Super 8 to create Liv and Ben's wedding sequence that plays during the credits. And we can't forget the release of J.J Abrams' film Super 8 this summer. The movie has definitely brought some renewed attention to the popular format, and the movie does use Super 8 to recreate those family home movie moments such as the shots of the boy's mother he watches on the projector.

Super 8 sequences by Pro8mm can be seen in Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Selena, Rock Star, Varsity Blues, Zoolander, Factory Girl, The Devil Wears Prada, 8mm, For Love of the Game, My Sister's Keeper among hundreds of other blockbuster titles.

Super 8 Entertainment Industry Examples