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Super 8 Film Stock Demos

Take a look at examples of our many film stocks.

Choosing a Super 8 Film stock is the first step in achieving a unique look for any project. With over 12 different stocks available today, there is a lot to choose from! Some things to consider are your lighting situation and whether you plan on working with a hi-resolutioin color negative stock or a traditional reversal stock. Below are some samples of Pro8mm current film stock options so that you can compare the difference. For more information, please request our Film Demo Kit below!

Request our Film Demo Kit

Pro8/03 50D ASA (Color Negative)

A Day at the Del Mar Races from Phil Vigeant on Vimeo.

Pro8/07 250D ASA (Color Negative)

Pro8/13 200T ASA (Color Negative)

Pro8/19 500T ASA (Color Negative)

Pro8/46 250D (Color Negative)

Jaclyn & Mike Wedding Super 8 Film from Jaclyn Melo (Vigeant) on Vimeo.

Pro8/47 500T (Color Negative)

Super 8/66 200ASA (BW Reversal)

Super 8/85 100ASA (Color Reversal)

Durango & Silverton Super 8 -85 100D Limited Supply new Batch from Phil Vigeant on Vimeo.

Super 8/88 200ASA (Color Reversal)

Test Sample New Super 8 Film Super8-88 Color Reversal from Phil Vigeant on Vimeo.