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Super 8 Film Processing

Process your film with confidence at Pro8mm, known worldwide for our Super 8mm and 16mm award-winning processing. Our lab technicians are highly trained in the handling of small format film, benefiting from the expertise of over 40 years specializing in the Super 8 format. As the inventors of Super 8 negative film, we can optimize the stock in the lab, and keep your film cleaner by using our own custom made leader. This dedication and precision will give you gorgeous images for scanning on one of our professional scanning systems.

We use only the freshest chemicals from Kodak to ensure proper development of your film. Density strips are run on a daily basis to optimize quality control. Our custom processing machines and clean room tables are some of the many items used in maintaining the highest standards possible in a lab. We utilize industry standard film handling techniques, highly trained professionals and the utmost care.

We know how important your film is and we strive to give you the best quality processing available. Pro8mm has received the Kodak’s Quality Assurance Award for Exceptional Quality Control in the Processing of Motion Picture Film for over 15 years.


Stocks we Process

All Pro8mm film is processed on-site. We process Super 8 color negative film, Super 8 color reversal, Super 8 black & white reversal, 16mm color negative, 16mm color reversal, and 16mm black & white reversal. All film from Pro8mm is sold inclusive of processing. Processing prices of film purchased from other vendors is priced by the roll of Super 8 and by the foot for 16mm.

We also offer services for outdated film stocks, including: Kodachrome 40, Kodachrome II or Kodachrome II Type A, Kodak Ektachrome 160, Type A or Type G, EM-35, K-14, Moviechrome and Fujichrome. Please speak to a sales representative about turn-around times.


Turn Around Time

Pro8mm offers next day processing and scanning. What does this mean to you? Peace of mind that your project will be done with the best quality assurance and fastest turn around times possible. Film in by 10:30am can be processed, scanned and ready for pickup or shipment by 4:00pm the following business day. (Schedule permitting / extremely large volumes of film may take longer, but this is our average turn around time.)

Rush Services

Pro8mm offers rush processing so that your film can be transferred, shipped, or picked up at our retail store the very same day. We have a variety of rush services available when expedited services are required, including 4-hour processing, rush film prep and clean, rush scanning (goes directly from processing to scanning same day), weekend or late night openings (by appointment only) and rush shipping.


Regular Processing

Processing film as normal is the recommended processing option for obtaining the best quality images from your film. This is the manufacturer recommended processing procedure as the chemicals are made specifically for processing at optimum quality, and your film can be archived and preserved for generations. Film should be processed promptly after shooting as the image will fade with time if it’s not processed.

Below are the different types of processing for the different types of modern day film.

  • Color Negative Film – ECN-2
  • Color Reversal Ektachrome Film – E6
  • Black & White Reversal Film – D-94 A


Special Lab Services

Pro8mm offers the following fee based Special Services:

Push/Pull Processing

There may be times when you want shoot your film at less than ideal conditions for creative reasons, or because of limitations that cause you to overexpose or underexpose the film. Bringing the film back to normal exposure can be done using the Push/Pull processing technique. This is a chemical process where the film is underdeveloped to compensate for over exposure (Pull Processing), or where the film is overdeveloped to compensate for under exposure (Push Processing). Push processing is the more popular option and is commonly used to increase the film’s ASA for when there is barely enough light to shoot. Push/Pull processing can be done to ECN films. This processing method should only be done if necessary or for creative purposes, as it isn’t a perfect process. Contrast, color, granularity and sharpness can be affected. Most of what can be accomplished in this process can also be done in film scanning.


Special/Outdated Film Processing

Discontinued films such as the Ektrachrome Type G or Type A films can still be processed with the right chemicals. This isn’t a regular process and only a few labs are able to accommodate this because certain chemistries may have to be recreated. Kodachrome processing chemicals are no longer available and cannot be processed normally. There is the option to have Kodachrome processed into a black & white negative, however there are certain risks involved. Speak to a sales associate for more information.


Damaged/Deteriorated Film

We can evaluate various aspects of damage and deterioration including:

  • Shrinkage
  • Damaged Splices
  • Broken Perforations
  • Dirt & Scratches
  • Vinegar Syndrome
  • Mold
  • Water Damage

We may be able to hand scan badly warped film. The advanced dirt and scratch reduction on our Y Front and M2 scanners significantly improves the image quality of badly damaged film.

For more information on pricing and processing, call us at 818-848-5522, or visit our online store.