Super 8 Archiving Demos

Archiving Sample

1960 Regular 8mm film shot at 16 fps and scanned to HD in native 1080i. Scanned in the native aspect ratio of 4x3 and at the natural frame rate. Encoded in ProRes 422 (HQ) and compressed to Apple TV. Note: the Apple TV compression for 1080i output the file to 960x540 which shows up on Vimeo as SD even though it was compressed from an HD file. (c) Pro8mm

The Budd Family - Arthur Budd Archive

16mm family film from the old days.

The Budd Family - Arthur Budd Archive 1940's R#2

Budd and Landsman families in the 1940's. Nantasket Beach in Hull Ma. , The Park Sq Auto Body Shop.

Super 8 with Sound Home Movie 1983 Scan to HD in 16X9

1983 Super 8 Sound Wedding footage shot at Boston Harbor at 18 fps on K40 using a Canon 1014xls, scanned to HD in 1920x1080 using the M2 Scanner to ProRes 422 (HQ), compressed to my own custom codec in 720i.