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Logmar Super 8 Camera

Logmar Super 8 Camera

Introducing the Logmar Super 8 Camera! A camera made for professionals featuring electronic viewfinder, WiFi remote control, audio recording, and much more!

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The Logmar Super 8 Camera Features

  • Digital viewfinder
  • Variable speed
  • Audio recording on SD
  • Filming history on SD
  • Simple operation
  • Direct film path
  • C-Mount
  • USB upgradeable
  • WIFI remote controllable
  • Video out
  • Advanced trigger options
  • Customizable Feature button
  • NFC Ready
  • Light meter Ready
  • Aluminum body
  • True 48V phantom power
  • Timelapse support
  • Phase advance support
  • 1 year warranty


Build in High Quality Audio

The Logmar Super-8 camera was designed from ground up to be the most user friendly and powerful 8mm camera on the market.

The camera has a build-in stereo codec capable of recording audio onto a removable SD-CARD with 48 KHz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution stereo quality.

The camera has the following audio interfaces:

  • 3.5mm jack Line-In stereo input
  • 3.5mm jack stereo headphone output
  • 3.5mm jack mono microphone input
  • 1/4″ jack mono microphone input

The XLR +48V phantom powered microphone input makes it possible to use studio grade microphones together with our camera and the 3,5mm Line-In port allows external mixers to be connected as well.

The headphone output provides monitor audio at all times of any of the selected inputs and the user can control the monitor volume via a potentiometer on the side of the camera.
The recording gain of any input is adjustable in 1dB increments, using a potentiometer on the side of the camera and a VU meter allows for easy adjustment of the input signal without overdriving the codec.

It is possible to disengage manual gain control and enable an internal AGC (Automatic Gain Control) where the maximum allowable gain is user programmable from 1x to 64x the input signal – this is useful when filming people talking to maintain a constant audio level.

Upcoming software upgrades will allow bass and treble to be adjustable in the same manner and we are contemplating other improvements such as wind noise cancellation,
Below you’ll notice that we are in folder “Film 001” which is the existing cassette. Inside this folder we have 5 ogg vorbis audio recordings (meaning you’ve shot 5 scenes so far) as well as a log file containing detailed information about the time, date and length of each recording as well as various other useful information such as frame rate used, possible engagement of alternate speed or phase advance etc. making editing easier.

A log file is also constantly updated with information about each recording session containing the following information:

  • Time and date of recording
  • Lenght of recording in actual frames
  • Starting frame and ending frame index
  • Information about FPS setting used and possible engagement of phase advance or alternate speed


WIFI Remote Controllable

The camera can be remote controlled via any wifi enabled device provided there’s a ready made app for it.

We aim to provide a simple iOS and Android app shortly after launch, but we will also provide an open source frame work to which people can write their own applications to control our camera.

The following features can be controlled via WIFI today:

  • Start and stop recording
  • Record X amont of frames then automatically stop
  • Record X amount of seconds then automatically stop
  • Shutter parking (creates blank frame on film for easy identification of new session)
  • Shutter loading (special state for inserting new film)
  • Recording gain adjustment (audio)
  • Monitor volume adjustment (audio)
  • Camera turn off

And these features will become available via future firmware upgrades:

  • Time lapse with the following features
  • Programmable starting time in seconds
  • Pogrammable exposure time
  • Programmable end of recording time
  • Record X amount of seconds then automatically stop
  • Record X amount of frames then automatically stop


Advanced Trigger Options

The Logmar S8 camera features two external trigger outputs and a trigger input.

Record trigger input

The trigger input functions together with industry standard handgrips with record button on them. The idea is that you can then start your S8 camera from an external source such as the trigger handle shown below. It could also be a digital clapper or other type of “record starting” device.

Some industry standard triggers also have provisions for an auxiliary button – this is supported as well on our camera.

Trigger outputs:

The camera is equipped the possibility to control external devices via the DIN connector as well as through WiFi.
One output could for example be used to control an external sound recorder (if needed) while the other could provide triggering of an external lamp.

This is useful together with time-lapse where you only want to turn the light on before you take a “snapshot” and then turn it off again – for example when filming a flower blooming or similar while maintaining a fixed light setting.

Each output can be set as “Pre-trig”, “Post-Trig” or “Immediate-Trig”.

  • Pre-Trig means that the output is activated X amount of milliseconds before the camera is activated
  • Post-Trig means that the output is activated X amount of milliseconds after the camera is activated
  • Immediate-Trig means that the output follows the cameras activation.

The time (X) is programmable from 100 milliseconds (0.1 second) to 30 seconds in 10 milliseconds steps.

If you select pre-trig and set the time to 2 seconds this will then mean that if you press record the output will trigger and then two seconds later the camera will start recording.

If post-trig was selected with a 2 second time it would mean that the camera would activate immediately upon pressing the record button and after 2 seconds of filming the output would trigger and finally if Immediate-Trig was selected the output would trigger together with the recording button.

Pre-trig is useful when dealing with external audio recording devices where there might be a small turn on delay or for example if using it together with an external lamp that needs time to “turn-on”.

Post-trig is useful for many applications such as scene timing, say you want scenes that are no longer than 10 seconds in your movie you can then use the post-trig to alert you via an external lamp that your desired time has elapsed. It could also be for triggering pyrotechnics or other events that you want happening after you’ve started recording.

Action button & Recording button:

On top of the camera there’s a regular recording button that can operate in two different modes select able via the cameras setup menu:

  • Latched recording – you press once to start recording, and press again to stop
  • Continuous recording – you must hold the button to record, upon release the camera stops
  • The action button which resides next to the recording button is a multi-purpose programmable button that for example allows you to select an alternate speed which you can immediately switch to during recording.

For example if you are filming a person running towards a pool at 24 fps and then want the “dive splash shot” in slow motion at 54 fps you simply press the action button during recording.

It can also serve as a phase-advance button that increases the speed of the camera by 0.1 fps – this allows you to remove “black horizontal bars” on a TV which you might be filming, it can also remove 50/60 Hz line flickering from fluorescent lights.


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