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Super 8 Camera Rentals and Repairs

Super 8 Camera Rentals

Have an important project that needs a professional camera backed by our highly experienced tech team? Pro8mm has Super 8 cameras that are rebuilt by our team of professional technicians available to rent; the Classic Professional, the Max1014xls, and the Pro814. (The Pro814 is only available to rent with the purchase of a film package). All rental cameras have been tested by our in-house team of technicians with decades of rebuild and repair experience. To learn more about each individual camera’s features and functions, click on the name of the camera in the Products drop down menu.

When you pick up your camera rental, our sales associates will be more than happy to assist you in going through the basic operating features of the camera and answer any questions you may have. Each rental includes a manual for quick reference while you are on location.

Our weekly rental rates are equal to 4 days and our weekend rates are equal to 1.5 days. Rental rates are discounted $50 per day when you pre-pay for one of our all-inclusive packages that include film, processing, prep, clean and scanning to digital. These packages are designed so that your entire workflow can stay on time and on budget. We do not charge for the days the camera is in transit, as long as you ship it back overnight. Please email or call 818-848-5522 to speak to a project coordinator about renting a camera package. Camera rental packages cannot be ordered directly through the online store.

For more information on camera rental pricing, visit our online store.

Super 8 Camera Repairs

Pro8mm has a comprehensive in house, on-site service center for all the equipment that we sell. Because our technicians rebuild, repair and R&D the modifications to all the cameras we sell, you are getting the very best repair service, second to none, performed by technicians with decades of experience. All items are covered by a 90-day parts and labor warranty.

Because there are over 1,000 different models of Super 8 cameras, in general, we only repair the same model cameras that we sell due to the limited availability of parts and service manuals. We do this so we can ensure the best quality and cost effective services when it comes to your repair. However, in some cases we can provide repair service for other Super 8 equipment on a “best attempt basis.” Please contact our sales team to inquire about your unique camera if it needs repair.