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Super 8 Camera Demos

Pro8mm American Restoration Super 8 cameras range from basic point and shoot cameras to professional production style cameras with widescreen capabilities, sync sound and more. Take a look at our various camera demos so you can see how different cameras produce different images and work for different film projects.



Max1014xls Camera Demo from Pro8mm on Vimeo.

Moon-Lite (Trailer) from client David Dibble on Vimeo.



Pro814 demo from Pro8mm on Vimeo.

VOGUE ITALIA May 2013 from client KT Auleta on Vimeo.


Classic Super 8 Camera

Super 8mm Film shot in China on the 50th Anniversary Classic Pro from Pro8mm on Vimeo.


Rhonda CAM

Rhonda CAM Demo from Pro8mm on Vimeo.

Yuna “I Wanna Go” music video by client Julian Schratter. Select Rhonda Cam Super 8 Shots mixed with digital media