Super 8 National Brands

Super 8 National Brand CampaignsIf you take a look at big brands that have shot a commercial, an in store piece or a website piece on Super 8 film, it seems like everyone has had a go at a Super 8 spotlight. Super 8 can be seen in everything from fast food commercials such as the comical "Burger King Chicken on a Motocross Bike," to fashion industry spotlights such as Victoria's Secret, Roxy and Calvin Klein.

While Nike shot the first breakthrough Super 8 commercial in 1987, today big brands are still using Super 8 to create a sense of community, connectivity and individuality through personal story telling. Modern society tends to be very isolated and spread out because of social media and faceless communication. Perhaps it may be the fall out from all the corruption we have seen in recent years, but there is definitely a movement happening and everyone is trying to re-connect in more intimate, organic ways. The needs and wants that have been created by a corporate-driven culture are being replaced with a need to feed our minds. The purveyors of National Brands get this, and they want people to see them as committed to sustainability and protectors of the environment.

So how does a company like Wal-Mart portray themselves as the local hardware store? Personal story telling. They focus on individual contributors as opposed to corporate culture. Companies like Whole Foods are meeting with local farmers and using their stories as interesting ways to market and create brand awareness. The Super 8 aesthetic really boosts an individual's story telling, giving viewers that same "feel good" reaction you get when watching a home movie.

Super 8 National Brand Examples

Nike's "Revolution" Commercial. Shot in 1987 transferred in Standard Definition.

Whole Foods "THRIVE" campaign by Laura Merians. Super 8 and HD. Transferred in High Definition.