Super 8 in Board Culture

Super 8 in Board CultureTSuper 8 has always been the format of choice for shooting skate and surf ever since these sports became popular. From the days of the "Z Boys" Super 8 cameras were part of the skateboard lifestyle from the beginning. Surf culture shot on 8mm was as popular in the mid century as shooting Super 8 film today. With the added advantage of amazing daylight film stocks and color negatives for expanded latitude, more and more surfers, skaters, and snowboarders are turning to the format.

Just check out the Classic Runman 69, which Pro8mm transferred on our old film chain! The cameras are very portable, easy to use, and can get right in to capture the action. The cameras can even be fitted into custom waterproof housings to take surfing!

But why is shooting board sports on Super 8 still so popular today? Billabong, Globe, Vans, Burton Snowboards and various other boarding companies continue to produce viral videos and commercials using the format to properly represent their products and the coveted lifestyle that goes with it. The old-school look of Super 8 is so engrained in board culture that shooting any other way just doesn't seem to evoke the right effects.

The Super 8 format is versatile in creating different visual experiences that we associate closely with the dually relaxed and fast-paced lifestyle of boarding. Slow motion footage captured with smiles and lens flares amidst the golden sun conjure a personal sense of warmth and comfort. Conversely, shots of fast action with wide lenses and creative angles look more edgy and organic, showcasing the energy and raw attitude the sports entail. Combine that with the grain, grit and nostalgia factors and edit creatively to a suitable pace, and you have yourself the very essence of the culture.

Feature films such as Lords of Dogtown, Paranoid Park and The Bruce Movie have banked in on this idea and contain creative skateboarding/surfing sequences in Super 8. It just looks right. Whether it's by the waters of the coast or the concrete of the urban jungle, Super 8 continues to provide the unmatchable look of board culture that many digital apps have failed to replicate.

Super 8 in Board Culture Examples

Longboard San Diego by Daniel Lee

Billabong 2010 by George Manzanilla at Rundfunk Media