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Super 16mm Services

Super 16mm Film Process & Scan Services

Pro8mm offers a variety of 16mm and Super 16mm services including film, processing and scanning film to digital up to 5K.

Our Super 16mm film emulsions are made of fresh Kodak 100’ daylight loads for Bolex and Beaulieu cameras, 400’ loads on cores, and 200’ Aaton A-Minima spools. All stocks include our award winning prepaid processing. Film stocks change constantly, so please refer to our sales staff to ensure your stock is currently available. All Pro8mm film stocks can be purchased with all-inclusive packages that include film, processing and digital scanning at a discount. Choose a package with one of our three distinct workflows for Basic, Professional or Data scanning up to 5K resolution.

Process your film with confidence! Pro8mm has received Kodak’s Quality Assurance Award for Exceptional Quality Control in the Processing of Motion Picture Film for 15 years and running. Pro8mm offers next day processing and scanning (if in by 10:30am), prep and clean services, rush processing and special processing options such as push/pull processing. We can process Color Negative ECN-2, Color Reversal E-6, & Black and White Reversal D-94A stocks in Pro8, Super 8, Regular 8, 16mm and Super 16mm formats from Kodak, Agfa, Foma, Fuji, Whittner and Orwo manufacturers. All our processing is done on-site at our lab facility in Burbank.

Pro8mm offers 3 unique film to digital scanning systems so that our clients have the maximum amount of flexibility in terms of budget, resolution & performance when using Motion Picture film. Visit Scanning Film to Digitalto learn more how to choose a system that is right for your project.