All-Inclusive Packages and Discounts

Film, Processing, and Scanning Bundled Under One Discounted Price

8mm discounts Pro8mm is proud to offer progressives discounts when you pre-pay for film, processing and scanning as a package deal. In addition to saving money, buying an all-inclusive film package simplifies and streamlines the Super 8 film workflow from beginning to end. When you purchase a package, you know that all of your services (film, processing and transfer) are done under one roof. This allows us to provide the best quality controls for your project and the fastest turn around times possible.

Each package includes film (your choice of stock), premium processing, prep and clean, and full scene to scene color corrected scanning. You can choose an HD package or an SD package, which is determined by the scanner that will be used.

Whether it is a single roll test, a 4-roll sampler package, a 192-feature film package, or anything in between, you can save anywhere from 14 to 40% on your project!

Package prices are based on camera frame rate scanning speeds of 24fps NTSC or 25fps PAL and scene-to-scene color correction. Hard drives are additional to the package price.

Unscheduled Transfers

If you have a large home move archive, we can do an "unscheduled transfer " for an additional 20% off the price (allow up to 10 weeks.)

For more information on our discounted packages call us at 818-848-5522, or visit our online store.