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Get "REEL" About Your Home Movie Legacy... Before It's Too Late! - E- Book

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If you are lucky enough to have Home Movies from the 1930’s to 1980’s shot on 16mm, 8mm or Super 8 film you might be in a conundrum as to how to move these treasures into your digital life. GET “REEL” ABOUT YOUR HOME MOVIE LEGACY.... before it’s too late, offers practical tips on how to evaluate the condition of your ageing library, best practices to preserve the original film, what a professional transfer facility offers that a consumer facility does not, options to edit and create a story, how to share footage on social media, watch on a smart phone, iPad or HD TV, and options to sell clips as stock footage.

Rhonda’s insight into the emotional value of home movies offers an important “call to action” to do something with your home movies before it’s too late! Learn how your films can help to shift your focus and transform your understanding of family dynamics, sometimes resulting in a break through to help move you forward in your life.

“I really hope that your book resonates with people who don’t realize that home movies could and should be an invaluable and incomparable legacy for future generations. They are how our grand kids and other future family members and friends will know who we were what we did and how we lived.”
– Bob Fisher, Cine Journalist

With over 30 years experience, Rhonda Vigeant has worked with the home movie libraries of dozens of the world’s most famous faces. Her company, Pro8mm, has scanned millions of feet of personal cinema and legacy footage using their state of the art equipment to put new life and vibrancy into each frame. This footage has been used in documentaries, at Museums, Presidential Libraries, and for personal legacies of film Industry moguls and the mass.

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